Posted on: March 27, 2009 2:22 pm

ESPN is a sports news channel.....

ESPN is a sports news channel, not a sports viewing channel. When you broadcast 1 live NFL game a week, you are not a PRO FOOTBALL NETWORK. ESPN delivers you sports related news. I see more games on "Network" television than on ESPN. Wow, they got "MNF"? Now the sunday night game is on ABC. What"s the difference. ESPN just pays the NFL that much more, now.I have the NFL network, which is now my #1 source of NFL related news. ESPN might as well go back to "Bowling" and "Pinball" championships. TBS and local cable channels for "baseball", Networks for "NBA" and "NFL" games. Hockey only sells during the "OLYMPICS" year. Oh yeah, "FOX" for my Nascar fix. ESPN you truly are not " THE LEADER IN SPORTS" you claim to be.

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